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Is your relationship causing you stress?

When people get in touch with me, the most common reason they give for asking for help is problems with relationships.   There is nothing more important in our lives than the relationships we have with the people who matter to us, and because we are all developing and changing throughout our lives it is inevitable […]

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Advice when relationships break

Relationship breakdown is a reason given by some of the enquirers at Birmingham Counselling Services. You went into this relationship with the intention and the hope that it would last for life.  You assumed that your partner had done the same.  And along the way, over the years, you have begun leading much more separate […]

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Spot & resolve common relationship issues

Sometimes someone will get in touch with Birmingham Counselling Services because s/he is worried about the future of the most significant relationship they have.  They don’t want to lose their significant other, and yet they can feel something slipping away.  Communication is breaking down, they feel they can’t say or do anything right, they really […]

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How tangled is your relationship?

recently shared a coffee with a friend. Our conversation was dominated by him telling me about an argument that he had had with his wife that morning. The argument was seemingly over something relatively trivial His wife had allowed their recently arrived puppy to sleep in the bedroom and the restless dog had disturbed their […]

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