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Couples Relationships

Difficulties in intimate relationships are one of the most frequent reasons for seeking counselling.

Couples’ Counselling

You may be two people who are living together or living apart. You may be married, partners or living in a civil partnership. You may be gay or straight. You may be part of a couple relationship not already mentioned. It doesn’t matter.

The focus of couples’ counselling is on problems in the interaction between the two people in the relationship. A couple will come to counselling together ; they literally bring the problems in the relationship into the counseling room.

Benefits of a Counsellor

Couple relationships are complex and it is very hard for each individual to see what is going wrong when they each are a part of the problem they are trying to solve.

Accordingly, a key role for me as a counsellor Is to help each of you look into your relationship and help you to see what you are not seeing for yourself. Imagine me holding up a mirror so that you can see an image of what is happening in your relationship.

When there are problems in a relationship, communication often breaks down. Couples counselling will help you explore your patterns of communication and help get you talking again. Talking, and especially listening, can get you through the difficult times that all relationships go through. Effective communication helps each of you to develop trust and rebuild the relationship on more solid foundations if that is what you choose to do.

The biggest challenge that a couple often face in their relationship is that individual needs change over time but the relationship does not adjust accordingly. I can help you to make the adjustments that are needed if your relationship is to keep pace with your changing needs.

Next Step

If you think you might be interested in couples counselling at my practice either in Trysull near Wolverhampton WV5 or Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, or want more information, why not call me for an informal chat or send an e.mail to

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