Confidence & Self-Esteem Building Workshops September 2013

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Self Esteem & Confidence

couples counsellingProblems of living with low self esteem and confidence are some of the most common reasons why people seek the support of a counsellor.

They affect people’s ability to live lives that are healthy, happy and hopeful. They limit our ability to satisfy our needs. They can be a contributory factor in people who experience, stress, anxiety and depression. They to affect our ability to interact with other people ; to communicate effectively ; and to develop and sustain healthy relationships.

Self esteem – is how we think and feel about ourselves. It is based on a set of beliefs about ourselves that we develop from an early age. The beliefs are reinforced as we grow and develop during our formative years so that they become a fixed pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviour that repeats itself continuously throughout our adult  lives.

Self confidence – is how we show ourselves to the world.

Self esteem and self confidence are inextricably linked. It is like a tree that has roots under the ground that, like self esteem, cannot be readily seen other than by ourselves and has branches and leaves that are more visible to other people as is self confidence. So, clients who have problems of self esteem will usually present problems of self confidence and vice- versa.

My approach

I offer one to counselling in which I work with clients on the specific issues of self esteem and confidence that they present.

I also offer a range of experiential workshops that will enable delegates to develop strategies for better managing their specific issues and the effect on their lives.

Read more about my Self-Esteem and Confidence Workshops in September 2013 on the Services page

The workshops will help delegates to identify the exact nature of their problem. They will more deeply explore their experience in terms of identifying what they think in any situation and how those thoughts influence their feelings and subsequent behaviour. They will develop a range of strategies for changing those thoughts, and so the feelings and behaviours, and will learn how to develop the positive thinking and self care that is key to having a positive self image and confidence.